Saturday, November 28, 2009

391XPO Streaming Live on, 12.3 l 4 - 6pm PST Instead of watching another hour-long episode of Law and Order, watch the young, energetic UCSF Pediatrician speak about Child Development...

Watch our final project for d school bootcamp. We're Team 10, our focus is Janet and Ruben, super-hero grocers in the campaign to make the community healthier!

Please join us Dec. 2, 4 - 6pm pst, streaming live: EDUC 391XPO Web-based Technologies in Education.

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  1. Hi Katy, Got your Facebook entry ..... I'm not twittering yet ( ever? ) Facebook is so last year isn't it? That picture you inquired about is from my wildfire fighting days. Reading your blog - it sounds like there is much to keep you occupied with. We had a low key Holidays - had my annual cold after the work season was I got to do a lot of reading and catch up on guilty videos. Hope the New Year is starting off well for you!